9. Welcome to Oman

What seems strange in other countries is probably not strange in the UAE. I’m currently sat in Muscat airport departure … More

8. Hunt for an Identity

Nothing in the United Arab Emirates hurries – except the huge Nissan Patrols as they rush up behind you and … More

7. Hunt for a Network

I’ve been in the Middle East for nearly 4 weeks and I’ve been to malls, beaches, gyms and multiple bars … More

4. Hunt Plus One

As I sit by the pool, 25 floors up, in the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi, with the entire floor to … More

3. Moving On

In 2014 my husband and I took on the challenge to open up a CrossFit affiliate in Weymouth. With no … More

2. A Hunt Wedding

Over a week has passed since becoming Mrs. Hunt and the day was perfect. The sun shone, people laughed, the … More