10. Hunt for a Home

After 6 weeks in the desert, 2 and a half months of marriage, 5 and a half years together, my husband and I finally have our first home we chose together. 29 floors up, with incredible views of Al Reem Island, I’m not sure it will ever really sink in. Are we really doing this? There were very few disagreements as we wandered around Ikea on Yas Island, except for the number of pot plants deemed acceptable in one apartment and perhaps the golden pineapple was one step too far. Our first marriage compromise – perhaps a bit of colour would be good? We ended up with grey (for now). It seems daft to be excited about choosing a fridge but it’s ours, for us to use, because we live here, in Abu Dhabi.

Our apartment currently looks a little sparse. We have a sofa, a bed and a TV which is on the floor. We went to visit one of my husband’s work colleagues who also lives in the building who have been in a couple of weeks longer, to look at their curtains! How adult. He has a wife and little boy, another potential new friend, right on my doorstep. Their apartment is a slightly different shape to ours, and they have already furnished it. It looks very homely, hopefully ours will too – give it a couple of months.

As I sit looking out of my lounge window out across Reem Island, I can see right across to the city, to Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque. A lot has happened since we visited there in the second week of living in UAE. It is definitely somewhere I’ll go back again, and take visitors. I can also see the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, still no word on the application but as I know, things take time! I went to have a look at the hospital today, it’s one of the biggest receptions I’ve ever seen. The man on reception was very helpful but told me I could be waiting months to hear anything, he is local and it took 9 months for him. Great! A few more pool days it is then.

The Hunt for Holly continues…

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