9. Welcome to Oman

What seems strange in other countries is probably not strange in the UAE. I’m currently sat in Muscat airport departure lounge, having just landed in arrivals an hour ago. Looking at my boarding pass, I’m nearly in the same seat, no doubt on the same plane returning to Abu Dhabi. I’m doing the well known ‘border run’. For the small(ish) fee of a return flight to Oman, I can renew my tourist visa in the United Arab Emirates for another 30 days. 30 days… I wonder what will happen in the next month, hopefully I won’t need to do this again, but I’m reassured in the fact there is no limit to the number of flying visits I can do. The joys of duty free and weeing in a hole in Muscat airport!

Another strange concept, but only to those Westerners outside the UAE – brunch. Not a late morning plate of eggs, sausage, bacon and beans, but a four hour all you can eat and all you can drink shindig. Quite strange that in an Islamic country, again thought to be a ‘dry’ country by many Westerners, I was knocking back a large gin and tonic at 12:30pm. But hey, that’s how to make friends, and I’m glad my husband and I went to celebrate our friend’s birthday and meet some of her friends. I’m not sure how glad either of us were Saturday morning, with a fuzzy head and one small bottle of water between us.

I had a rejection email on Friday, and I’ve never been as happy to receive one. Many times I had thought that these dietetic jobs on random recruitment websites don’t really exist. But this one did, and I didn’t get it. Maybe because they were requesting a male, but equal rights, strong independent woman and all that, I thought I’d give it a go. I have also applied for a clinical dietetic role in the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. A huge hospital, well known across the city for its stunning architecture, its world renowned doctors and its prize winning research. I won’t get my hopes up but can’t help plan what I’m going to do with my first pay cheque.

The Hunt for Holly continues…

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