8. Hunt for an Identity

Nothing in the United Arab Emirates hurries – except the huge Nissan Patrols as they rush up behind you and flash until you move out of the way. It’s a known fact to those who have moved to the country, and a lesson quickly learned to those who have just arrived, that things happen in their own time – inshallah (God willing). Basically it might do, or might not. They say Tuesday, more like Thursday.

My husband finally got his Emirates ID through and his residency this week, which means I can begin the process of obtaining mine – inshallah. There’s a lot of hoops I need to jump through before getting mine beginning with a strange trip to a Customer Happiness Centre! A large office in a mall with hundreds of people in, staring at a screen, clutching a ticket, waiting for their number to be called. I arrived as the number said 187 – ticket in hand read 555! Although all quite daunting, I did leave the Happiness Centre happy. Everyone was so pleasant, and clearly my situation happens hundreds of times everyday. I needed to get our marriage certificate attested and translated, and I was in and out within an hour. It seemed the screens did not go in order, I even heard 8000 and something. I’m sure I will be taking many more trips to a Happiness Centre before I can get my Emirates ID!

In another step forward, I have finally got an Emirates SIM card! No longer do I need to dash from WiFi to WiFi to feel in contact with the world. The relief of knowing that I can get in a taxi and actually show the driver on Google Maps where I want to go (but it’s usually a mall). I can message the husband when I get lost in the supermarket!

We have been living in a hotel apartment for 4 weeks now, and while having fresh towels and bedding is nice, it’s not quite a home. Despite moving to the desert, to the land of opportunity, great wealth and expense, to be brutally honest some days the grass isn’t always greener. There has been tears. I 100% support my husband and our decision to move here, but living the life of a kept woman, is starting to wear off. I want a purpose, I want to be productive, I want a job. I know it’s not uncommon and it won’t last but some days you have to be an emotional female about it all.

Having said that, I have applied for 4 jobs this week. Dietetic jobs are scarce here, and my role as an oncology dietitian doesn’t seem to exist. It’s also catch 22, I currently only have a tourist visa and no permanent address. One role was a dietitian for Emirates Airlines – imagine that, wonder if I’d get free flights. I will keep on trying and not give up!

The Hunt for Holly deepens…

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