6. Hunt for my Inner Athlete

I’ve always been ‘fit’ and always taken an interest in health, fitness and nutrition. An interest from a teen which ultimately led me to my career in nutrition and on to dietetics. Through school, I was quite a sporty kid, I loved PE and joined a gym through school, college and university. It has always been a part of my life. Meeting my husband in 2013 I developed and grew my interest in CrossFit, and well that became my chosen training method and ‘sport’.

In the UK, I competed in many individual and team competitions up and down the country, indoor, outdoor, sunshine and rain (mainly torrential). I have never been an award winning athlete but I’m naturally strong and always held my own in competitions.

Since we knew for definite we were moving to the UAE, I have been looking at CrossFit gyms in each of the Emirates. Huge facilities with state of the art kit, loads of floor space and not to mention the CrossFit Games level athletes and coaches. Since we knew we were staying in Abu Dhabi we have visited 3 affiliates and chosen one as our new home. To some that is definitely not important but to me it is a priority. CrossFit is a major part of my life, and has an ability of bringing like minded people together. Language barriers don’t stop you enduring a workout next to someone, throwing them an encouraging look mid workout, and sharing a high five at the end. A wall ball is a wall ball in UK, UAE, America, Australia and Timbuktu!

Another reason for joining an affiliate so quickly after moving, is the sense of routine. I know that most days we’ll go to the gym at 5pm, and my OPD (obsessive planning disorder) likes that. It’s also given me an opportunity to really realise how fit I am, which isn’t as fit as I think I am. But ever the optimist, I can’t wait to improve and build everyday and see what I can do in the desert! Maybe I’ll find my inner athlete.

The Hunt for a fit(ter) Holly begins…

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