5. Welcome to Abu Dhabi

After two anxious days waiting to find out which Emirate we will be based, we found out we are staying in Abu Dhabi! The capital of this amazing country. This week we have been pretty proactive and adventurous. We’ve been to 3 CrossFit gyms, a night club, a beach, 4 malls and been house hunting.

As I sit writing this I can hear 3 different English accents as well as an Arabic conversation. It’s safe to say, this is definitely a mixing pot of cultures, nationalities and religions. My confidence has grown with understanding the ways of the country and I’m even used to the call to prayer as it bellows out across the city.

Apartment hunting was a success, I can’t quite believe we will live in a building potentially 60 floors up. We have chosen to live on an island named Al Reem, popular with the expat community, and continually being developed and built. I can’t wait to take a trip to Ikea to chose furniture for our small but perfectly practical abode. Hopefully we can meet similar, like minded people living on the island.

One thing I’ve found over the past week, is the cost of living. Nothing quite prepares you for working out that the coffee I just bought cost £6, we won’t mention the muffin which took it to double figures. This weighs on my mind and I’ve put an internal pressure on myself to find a job here, and soon. However it seems there isn’t the same dietetic roles in the UAE, but it won’t stop me trying. Perhaps a complete change in direction?

The Hunt for Holly, in Abu Dhabi, gets interesting…

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