4. Hunt Plus One

As I sit by the pool, 25 floors up, in the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi, with the entire floor to myself, I can’t help but feel this all a bit surreal. Friday evening I packed my life into one suitcase and headed to a hotel at Heathrow for an early flight Saturday morning. Fast forward 24 hours and I’m in a bikini the hottest I’ve ever been. At 10am it’s currently 34C – factor 50 is slapped on. While this is all amazing and I feel like I’m living the life of some kept wife, I am very much the plus one. Inductions, medical, visas, bank accounts – I’m here on the side lines as support, but hey that’s the role I took when I put that ring on my finger.

My husband starts his first day of work today, and I am here in a foreign country with the whole day to occupy myself. Maybe I could get used to this, drinks by the pool and all the breakfast you can eat! But am I seen as the trailing wife to Ben’s new colleagues, just here for the ride, no sense of ambition? An easy ticket to a life in the desert.

I am grateful for this opportunity to build a life and make memories in the United Arab Emirates but I will be looking for a job once we find out where we will be based and more importantly a CrossFit gym. Until then, I suppose I’ll work on my tan, look out across Abu Dhabi and think about what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow.

The Hunt for Holly continues…

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